Under the sky. No thoughts in my mind, no desire for nothing else but to live the instant, no such things as eagerness, but only vivid dreams.

Laying on a comfy chaise longue on the deck atop Amesterdam’s NEMO Science Museum, bathing my right hand on the flowing water that was sliding next to me, having in front of my eyes the stunning view over a large part of the city, enjoying the best weather ever and just sitting there numbness and dumbness… all this made me feel more real than I ever felt before.

“It seems to me, Antiphon, that you identify happiness with luxury and extravagance; but I have always thought that to need nothing is divine, and to need as little as possible is the nearest approach to the divine; and that what is divine is best, and what is nearest to the divine is the next best.” (Memorabilia, I 6)

Luxury is a question of location.