In order to prevent seeing ourselves wandering the streets lost we took maps and even a GPS. Everything was planned and assessed.

Everything will be just fine and we will manage to visit every place we have planned…

In fact, everything went just fine, we weren’t able to visit everything we wished and most of the time we got lost. The fun part of that was that it was almost impossible to get angry or frustrated and I came to realize that the best part of getting lost was the possibility of changing the plans and living the moment, not the planned moment.

But we weren’t the only ones getting lost in Amsterdam. Most of the tourists are. It’s hard to spot them on your first days there, since your primary concern is to locate yourself on the map.

It was on the last days there that we passed by a couple of French girls staring at a map, having the ” where the fuck are we” look on their faces. One of them concluded ” On est perdu. Allons-y!”.

The first wandering days are the best.